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Blogging is dead (not)

Blogging is dead (not)

I’ve been in the blogosphere for a few years and whenever I talk about my quite odd occupation people often tell me that my job is not real and that blogging is dead already. The truth is, blogging is a job and it is alive and here to stay.

Though I have to admit that the publishing industry is facing a hard time, I can’t say that blogging is dying let alone that it is dead. In an era of adblocking software and walled content gardens such as Facebook it’s quite hard to keep your head up as a blogger but that doesn’t mean that the blogosphere is dying.

Actually this is the best time to be online for bloggers, why?

Sure the publishing industry is pretty much on fire at the moment and here and there we have some half burned corpses of media empires and bloggers. But I’d rather see this as a revolution within publishing than the death of it. What is dying though is the main income source of many blogs and news sites: banner advertising, but luckily there are some great alternatives on the rise.

Let’s look at Buzzfeed for example, the popular viral site which is known for it’s ridiculous top 10 lists and cat videos. Even though adblock is on the rise they managed to make a revenue of 167 million dollar last year. And guess what? They don’t even use banner ads, The almighty nonsense site uses something else called Native advertising.

Instead of annoying visitors with hideous banner ads and auto-play video ads Buzzfeed makes articles and video’s for brands that look like normal articles and call it sponsored articles.

Research has shown that those native ads also known as sponsored articles are viewed 53% more than banner ads and another research shows that 70% of the individuals rather want to learn more about the brand through content than actual traditional advertising.

Keep in mind though that native advertising is nothing compared to Adsense or any display ads network. There are native ad networks out there like Taboola and Outbrain but those networks expect you to have atleast 500.000 unique visitors a month which isn’t realistic for most bloggers.

What is important here is that you need to make sure that you build an audience. Even with just 10.000 visitors in a month your blog might still be interesting for certain brands. As a gluten free cooking blog for example you’ll be an interesting partner for brands that sell gluten free products.

Another way of making money with your blog is affiliate marketing which is quite popular with nichebloggers. Niche blogging is basically taking a market segment and starting to blog about it. If your blog is about traveling you could write about the places that you visited and use a Booking.com widget that people can use to book a flight to that amazing place that you wrote about.

As you can see there actually are ways to make money with blogging you just have to put a lot of effort and dedication into it.

And that’s why I think this is the blogging revolution, we’ll get rid of blogs that merely exist for the purpose of serving people ads. Instead bloggers will have to do it with creativity and create content that people want to consume so they can become interesting to advertisers.

Also a lot of old blogs give a terrible user experience by for example being not mobile friendly, having no SSL certificate or bombarding it’s users with ads that also slow down the pageload times of their websites.

Just think of it, you could steal traffic of those old farts by doing a better job.

So by just being creative and by keeping your blog healthy you can actually still make it big for someone who has a job ‘that doesn’t exist’.

Even though we spend a lot of time on social media and it gets harder to monetize your content, blogging isn’t dead nor will it ever die. And as long as you keep your blog healhty, secure and fast you’ll notice that.